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The CBC Summer Bible Camp is designed to give the student a deeper understanding of God’s never ending love and grace. It is true that our minds are renewed by the hearing of the word, unfortunately many of us have heard something different than the truth about who God is and His view and opinion of us.  It makes no difference who you are or what point you are in your walk with the Lord, you will be blessed by what you learn in these six short weeks.


The way we present these lessons is the same way they are presented at the seventy-plus CBC schools around the world. The courses are videotaped in Colorado at the main campus and are shown on a big screen TV in the classroom. There will be no syllabus provided and it is recommended that you bring a notebook. You will want to take notes and there will be no testing.


Classes begin on June 12 and run Monday - Thursday.  This year we are offering both day and evening sessions. Day classes run from 10:00am until 1:00pm and evening classes run from 6:30pm until 9:10pm. There are no classes the week of July 4.


For registration information and fees, click here to view registration document, or call 704-525-1924 to register.




Courses may be different at time of event


A Sure Foundation I & II

Instructor: Andrew Wommack

Two subjects are covered in this class. The Integrity of the Word expounds on the truth, surety, and infallibility of God’s Word. Christian Philosophy shows us that we all have a system of thought, but challenges us to examine if it is according to the Word or the world.


The Heart “Essence” of the Gospel

Instructor: Arthur Meintjes

Guilt, Condemnation and Fear seem to be the motivating factors that define many Christian’s lives. Guilt, Condemnation and Fear among believers have been passed down from generation to generation because they have been ignorant of the Heart or “Essence” of the Gospel. For generations people have struggled to believe the truth of the “Almost too Good to be true Gospel.” Because of the ignorance and lack of understanding concerning the Heart or Essence” of the Gospel, very few people know and relate to God the way that He is revealed in the New Testament. The Heart or “Essence” of the Gospel is all about God revealing His Goodness, Love, Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness and true nature to a tired, worn out, and hopeless world!


Introduction to the Bible

Instructor: Barry Bennett

A course deigned to inspire confidence in the Bible as the Living Word of God by understanding its revelation, inspiration, compilation and preservation.


The Basics of Righteousness I & II

Instructor: Andrew Wommack

This class teaches about our Spirit, Soul, and body and Identity in Christ. Spirit, Soul, and Body is a study that explains how our spirits are complete in Jesus if we are born again and how our souls and bodies should relate to our spirits. The Identity in Christ study shows us from Scripture who we are in Christ—our righteousness and justification.


Essential Truths of the New Testament

Instructor: Arthur Meintjes

There are many truths in the Bible, but not all the truths in the Bible are essential and foundational. That means that there are many things in the Bible that are extremely interesting but they are not extremely important. There are also many truths that are important, sometimes even extremely valuable, but they are not essential. The big tragedy is that many times the truths that Christians major on, and build their lives upon, are non-essential or non-foundational truths. It will not necessarily be what you believe about healing or prosperity that will determine whether you will fall or stand when you’re sick, or when you’re in poverty. It will most probably be what you believe about the essential and foundational truth of the Gospel, because all other truths must be based and founded on this truth in order to work.



Instructor: Barry Bennett

Paul’s inspired letter which is often referred to as the ‘Magna Carta’ of Christian liberty is reviewed and studied in terms of its great themes: grace, revelation, our identity in Christ, faith the Law vs. the blessing of Abraham, and life in the Spirit.


Relationship with God I & IV

Instructor:  Andrew Wommack

This study emphasizes four important truths about God and man’s relationship with Him. The Nature of God is a study of God that distinguishes between His character and His acts, contrasting the Old Testament with the New Testament. Hardness of Heart deals with one of the major barriers that keep us from accepting all of God’s truth. Authority of the Believer helps us receive the blessings god has for us and shows us how to stop Satan from robbing us. God’s Not Guilty show us from Scripture that God is not the author of our problems, nor does He cause bad things to happen to us.


Let Freedom Reign

Instructor: Arthur Meintjes

When we talk about freedom, it means different things to different people. For the majority of believers, freedom in a Christian’s life is only achieved through great sacrifice and hard work. When we have sacrificed and labored long and hard enough, we are ultimately rewarded with freedom; freedom from sin or freedom from bondage such as from drugs, alcohol, pornography or whatever we perceive freedom to be. In this teaching we will discover that freedom in the New Testament is a gift. Whenever you study the subject of freedom, as seen in the New Testament, there is a fundamental reality that we must understand about true freedom; in Christ we are all born free.


Course Title: Healing   

Instructor: Barry Bennett

The Christian life includes physical health for all who believe.  It is as much God’s will that we be physically whole as it is that we be born again. Before anyone can have faith for healing, they must be certain of God’s will.  Faith cannot go beyond the knowledge of God’s will and God’s ways in the area of health and healing.  This course will establish principles for health and healing and will explain healing in terms of the spirit, soul and body of man.  We will learn what is required of us as faith-filled Christians, and what is God’s part in the process of receiving health in our bodies.