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There has been a lot of talk about the controversial bill HB2 and Charlotte’s refusal to accept it. Much of the talk has been about the negative impact it is having on the city and the millions of dollars in revenue that is being lost. This is about much more than that. This is a spiritual battle between the forces of good and evil. This is another attempt of the enemy to gain another foothold in the battle to change the moral standard of this nation and the world, all in the name of discrimination.


Everyone will agree that discrimination is a bad thing when it comes to treating one person different than another. We were all created equal in God’s eyes. Everyone will also agree we were all created by God. Whether you are a Christian or not will determine if you believe what the Bible states that we were created in the image of God. We were born either male or female and we had no control over which one we would be. To deny this basic premise is to deny God’s plan for humanity.


After you were born and started to understand the difference between a man and a woman some people decided they were not happy being what they were born to be, so they made a decision to change. In essence what they are saying is: God made a mistake and they want to change it.


When you were born you were not only born male or female you were born with a free will. Your free will has no limits. Some have called it the greatest power in the world and that is the Power to Choose. We all make hundreds of choices every day. All of them effect our lives either in a positive way or a negative way. For most of us it starts with a simple choice. Will I get out of bed and go to work or will I stay in bed and sleep? Most of us resist the will that says stay in bed because we know if we don’t go to work we run the risk of not having a job. So, for every conscious moment of the day it is one choice after another and every single one has a consequence. 


It is no different if a person that is born a man decides he wants to be a woman. That is his choice. No one will deny he has a right to make whatever choice he wants. Even God the Creator of everything will not deny him the right to make that choice. After all, He gave him a free will and He will never take it away. But just like all the other choices we make, they all have consequences.


An individual choosing to change their sex gender does not force me to accept them as being something different than the way they were born. You see, everyone has a choice. Just like it would be wrong for me to try and force that person not to change what he thinks he wants to do, it would be equally wrong for that person to try and get me to accept what they are doing is normal.


What appears to be something that will hurt the city of Charlotte will in fact turn out to be a huge blessing. Charlotte is the only city that has taken a stand against this attack of the enemy. The whole nation and the world is watching as the people of Charlotte stand against a few people that want to try and change the standard of what is normal.


This is not a battle against transgender and their right to change their gender. It is about a small group of individuals trying to force normal people to change their moral standard of what is normal. It is about my free will and my right to choose. If this was a normal act when public buildings were built, they would all have been built with just one restroom but they were not. They were built with one for women and one for men. What was considered normal then is still normal today.


Charlotte North Carolina will no longer be seen as just another city. Normal people all over the world will look to the people of Charlotte and understand that they don’t have to give in to small groups of people that have made a choice to go against what most people consider normal.


This city is proof that all we have to do is “just say no.” History will show that Charlotte took a stand. Cities, towns, communities and people everywhere have a right to choose not to change the standard. Our children have a right to be brought up seeing their parents take a stand against special interest groups that try to force their alternative lifestyles and opinions on the majority and then call us haters if we don’t agree with them!


The only ones that are calling people “haters” are the special interest groups. If I am presumed to be a hater because I disagree, then we are all haters. What I am simply saying is this: Enough is Enough!


Ken Brown

Director Charis Bible College

Charlotte North Carolina